Preschool with Extended Care


Teachers plan The Creative Curriculum, which has exploration and discovery as a way of learning. Studies are chosen by the teachers and put in a monthly newsletter. These studies should be discussed with your child to encourage communication and verbal skills. Also, different areas of the room are set up to enhance your child’s fine motor, gross motor, math, science, language, and sensory skills.

There are plenty of opportunities planned throughout the day to encourage pre math and language concepts.  Zoo-Phonics and music are included daily and field trips are taken throughout the year to add enrichment to the various themes studied.  There is time scheduled twice a day to either go outside to the playground or play in our large gymnasium.

Christian Influence

Teachers also incorporate Christian principles and plan bible activities for the children on a daily basis.  Our main bible time is in the afternoons, but it is incorporated throughout the day.  We pray before our snacks and meals, and once a week the preschool classes get together to sing bible songs and listen to a devotional or specific bible story.

Snacks and Food

Explore & Grow participates in the Michigan Child and Adult Care Food Program.  We offer a nutritious breakfast, lunch and snacks to the children while they are here.  Accommodations can be made for children with food allergies.